Friday, August 19, 2011

Air Calliope

From Dave Price:
Both the Gentry twins were built to house steamers and it was the other twin that carried an air cally for a time.

Here's a pic Joe Bradbury ran with his Jan/Feb 1959 piece in Bandwagon showing the other twin with an air instrument on the 1921 Robinson show.

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Anonymous said...

There is another photo of the twin calliope in 1922 on the John Robinson Circus in the November-December 1988 issue of the "Bandwagon", page36.In Joseph Bradbury's story of the 1922 season, it stated that the wagon was remodeled with a roof added and skyboard installed. Great photos of the 1922 parade are included with the story. Some of the photos are credited to "Melvin" coming from both the Bradbury and Pfening collections. The parade photos were taken in Richmond, Indiana on April 28,1922.
thanks again to all for sharing all the great material, p.j.