Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Circus Roncalli

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Bruce said...

This shot was taken on the circus lot in Aachen Germany. The lot is located in a nice residential area of the city. It is completely fenced and has a large paved parking area and a bus stop. The three center-pole tent to the far right of the big top is the circus restaurant tent. The long wagon with the windows next to that tent is the doniker. The single-pole top to the left of the doniker is the display tent for the new Volkswagen “Caddy Roncalli Edition.” (The “Caddy” is a minivan and VW is one of their corporate sponsors.) The square tent to the left of the VW tent is the “front door” tent which houses several concession stands. The two center-pole tent to the left of the big top is the “back door” tent.