Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walter L. Main - 1904

WALTER L MAIN Parade List and Rules as Issued During 1904 The following is the parade list and rules of the parade as Issued by Walter L. Main on March 21, 1904. Hobby-Bandwagon is indebted to this grand old man of the circus for this valuable information from his files. The number before each entry is the number of horses used which totaled 142 horses. Parade List (1, Section, No; 1. Owen Doud, Marshal; (1) Horse Adonis and Trap, Henry Pullman, leader and layer-out of parade', (2) Mounted Knights; (8) Blacks, on Big Band wagon; (10) Five Peru cages, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with banners on four, last one Continental Band on top; two Llamas led or driven; two year old camel led, child rider; (4) Santa Claus wagon, carrying baby camel, and Rose Monroe playing bag pipes; boy to attend camel, young lady driver if possible; mother camel; No. 7 cage drawn by 4 camels. (1) Burlesque automobile, (hurde mule); (6) No. 89, Tableaux, lady drum corps on top; (2) No. 8, cottage cage; (2) No. 9, cottage cage; (2) No. 10, cottage cage; (2) No. 11, Den. cage striped hyenas; (2) No. 6 Flower den.; (2) Mrs. Hocum (Tandem); (1) Section No. 2, R. H. Dockrill, marshal. (10) Lady riders Zig Zag, 1, 2, 3, 4; (2) clown band; (2) Jack & Jill mule, tandem, with clown and monkey riding Jack; (1) led pony, monkey rider; (1) Hocum pony; (8) Ponies on 4. pony cages, 12, 15, 23, 24; Cape cart, lady and gent riders; (6) No. 91, tableaux—Coon band. (4) Ostrich den No. 16, 3 elks inside with elk emblems, pictures, etc., all over; (4) Big Den with one baby and two male and female leO'pards; (4) Big Den with two Bengal tigers, and two black leopards closed on open; (4) Big den, one big male, and two female lions inside. One lady in high chair, and one 2-year old lion chained at one end of the top, and one full grown sheep at the other end; (1) Bugler, British; (8) English soldiers, two abreast, kakai suits, first one on .the right carry English flag. 06) New South Wales lancers, two abreast; (10) mounted band, in Boer band suits, black coats, white pants; (6) Boers two abreast first one on right to carry Boer flag; (4) Mules on stage coach, Boer suit for driver, who must be the oldest driver with show, and gray if possible. Tie any old trunk •on rear for parade only. Inside must be filled with people, no matter whether men, women or children, and one or two men on tpo with guns; (2) Gatling gun, 2 or 4 men on seats, man riding nigh horse, all in uniform. (2) Two-horse chariot, lady driver; (4) four-horse chariot, gent driver; herd of elephants, single file, lady riding on largest in howdah; bandliers on three; (4) calliope; (2) Trambeline, worst harnest with show, straw hats on horses, and old Dutch blinds sure; (1) Dr. Stull, supt. parade. Rules Of Parade Superintendents must see that tops of cages and tableaux, etc. are cleaned every day before parade. Last of parade must be back on show grounds at 11 o'clock. Route Rider of parade will give orders what time parade starts. Equestrian Director will have "Call" blown 20 minutes before the time of getting ready. If any vehicle breaks in parade, pull to one side and after fixed •up, get in anywhere, but do not stop the parade. Every employee that is not in parade and is not active on the Lot, must be all along the line of parade telling people to look out for their horses. In case of storm coming up while parade is out, and orders are given to break ranks, want any and all employees that are down street to take off plumes, banners, wardrobe, etc., and keep them in some dry place until the storm is over, and the riders have the right —Page 6—Hobby-Bandwagon, December, 1947 According to this Walter L. Main parade list from the CHS website, they had three cottage cages. I suspect one of these is in the next post. Does anyone have photos of these they could share with me? email me at What are the 5 Peru cages listed in the order?

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