Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Al G. Barnes over the years.

And what do my wondering eyes behold? Tis zee pipers band mates on top o'er the wagon. 1924 Parade. To one of our favorite fellow bloggers, Jim, where are you, I can't quite make ya out in the fine photo?


Hal Guyon said...

He`s hiding behind the bass drum Bob ! One of those Wisconsin Union members, can`t show his face or the Gov will get him !

Down the Road by Jim said...

Well , for starters , I am NOT inside the wagon , as someone in this household supposed ---- and I'm surprised the band is on such a high wagon ----- you know how people run along side the wagon , trying to look up the kilts --- and finally , a wagon such as this , filled with wonderful bagpipers ,wouldn't need any other units in the parade ---- Ahhh , I can just hear the soft , lilting tunes wafting , fragrantly , on the breezes , stirring man and beast to higher noble thoughts and actions ! Fact !!