Thursday, June 04, 2009

RBBB at Bayfront Center in St. Pete

Here's a great photo. It was taken in 1966 or 1968, I can't read the writing very well. I love the pinned on banner on the elephant blanket.


Down the Road by Jim said...

4:11 A.M. ?????? what are you doing , blogging at that hour ??? Do yoou realize how many speling errorrs I wpold make if I blogged at that our ??? Also , I always thought that Jumbo was an African , and lots bigger than your Jumbo --- I beginning to be suspicious !!!!!

Bob Cline said...

4:00 AM is really blogger time. MY time said 7:11 AM. The only reason I'm going to be up at 4:11 AM is fighting a fire.

Fear not oh befuddled one as mysterious sightings will become relatively unanswered to all those seeking detales regarding the unsimmilarites, and not the same eithver, betwixt the Afriggin and Asan ephelants!

Time for some Coffee!

Down the Road by Jim said...

Oh !

Pat Cashin said...


I could be wrong but I don't think that this is '66 or '68.

Isn't that Michu???

Bob Cline said...

I believe it is. Again the date is stamped on the slide when it was developed so that is what I was going by.

Hope all is well with you. Keep up the good work!