Friday, June 26, 2009

America's Elephants

America's Elephants

A new e-Book about the elephants that crossed America for the last two hundred years is now available online at

Bob Cline has been a circus performer and animal person who owned his own tiger act. Now a Circus Historian, who has written a couple articles published in the Circus Historical Society's Bandwagon and the Carnival Midway, his book is written for the general public to easily understand .

The first elephants to come to America begin to tell a story woven with a description of biological differences between the species, what elephants can and will eat, William P. Hall's farm, Circus Days, Tragedies that befell the elephants, the White Elephants, Jumbo, Zoos, Breeding and Conservation, an entire Chapter dedicated to the great professionals who gave their lives to caring for these magnificent animals and the Circus Organizations and Museums in America.

Enjoy the Amazing Stories of America's Elephants!

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