Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brand New Circus World Museum Book

Hot off the presses! The Colossal Book of Magnificent Circus Wagons by Susan Topham & Erin Foley, 50 Pages. With photography by Mark Stall, John Lloyd, and Mark Tully. This book contains full color pictures of 50 wagons from Circus World Museum’s collection. The wagons chosen for this book will be featured as a part of the 2009 Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee. The history of each wagon is detailed and many historical images are also included. A delight for circus and parade fans, this is the first book of its type in over 15 years. Special offer going on now, purchase both The Book of Wonders and The Colossal Book of Magnificent Circus Wagons and get both books for $20, a savings of $5.90. Select the combined product in the Book Category listed as Book of Wonders & Wagon Book. Contact CWM's gift shop at 608-356-8341 (toll free at 866-693-1500), or online at http://snipurl.com/l4t99

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