Monday, February 07, 2011

Two Shows?

Which show are you going to go see?
This was taken in Marietta, Ohio on July 4, 1920.
There has to be a story behind this photo. Does anyone know the whats and whys?


John McFadden said...

I wonder if they might both be advance cars that just happened to land on the same siding at the same time?!?

Hal Guyon said...

Just do what we did this past Saturday, go see both of them !

Anonymous said...

I think this photo ran in an older issue of Bandwagon, with an explanation. If you examine the routes of the two shows you will likely determine why the cars crossed paths. There are other examples of multiple advance cars being forwarded in the same system train.

Whitey said...

Don't know if this "took" on my first try so will risk repeating myself here. At my age that's nothing new.

I had just commented that the 1920 date means this was before both shows had the same owner. SF wasn't acquired until 1921, the same year the ACC incorporated.