Thursday, February 17, 2011

Campbell Bros.

Unloading in Horton, Kansas in 1908 - from the Jim McRoberts collection

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Dick Flint said...

Jules A. Bourquin (1877-1964) was a Swiss-born optometrist and amateur photographer who, with his family, ran a jewelry and camera store in Horton, Kansas, a big railroad center for shops of the Rock Island line. Just before his death, CFA historian Homer DeGolyer's brother purchased some of the collection (for its railroad images) with the other portion remaining in Kansas before each ended up in separate university collections. Bourquin’s circus images also include Sells-Floto (1918) and Yankee Robinson (1919). Jim McRoberts had a reputation for copying and selling lots of prints taken by others without crediting them.
Dick Flint