Friday, February 25, 2011

Sparks Circus

This is for Steve Shelton. Feel free to email me at Bob Cline


Whitey said...

Bob- I blew this up thinking the butchers' coats would say Cracker Jack, but now I see it's Baby Ruth.

How many companies have had tie-ins over the years?

I thought it was great when the CWM had Cracker Jack tables as you came in the menagerie.

Pontiac is out of production, so you can't have the new models out on display, like some old shows did. We had I believe it was four Pontiacs and loved them all.

Beatty once had a Kaiser on display; it had lion and zebra interior.

Don't let an old man get started...

Anonymous said...

Car dealerships have always had tie-ins with displays at local county fairs and car companys with state fairs and some circuses. It is still a form of advertising that works pretty well for them. None of tv ads can compare with someone seeing and touching this year's new model. Of course you have to have tv and print ads to spark the interest, but it can be hard to get someone to come into a dealership for different reasons. The county fair-livestock show, circus grounds,etc is a neutral setting were someone is more comfortable viewing new vehicles and were they don't feel the pressure of a dealership. I don't think you could count all the new pickups that are displayed at the Houston Livestock show each year. p.j.