Saturday, February 05, 2011

Circus Day

It's Circus Day here today. We are going to see the Royal Hanneford Circus this morning and then the Ringling Blue Unit this afternoon. Ringling Red is in Greenville, SC this week which places all of the Ringling train in South Carolina in the same week. According to yesterday's newspaper, there are 61 cars on the blue unit.


John McFadden said...

I hope you are having a great day!

In North Carolina, we will have the RBBB Red Unit in Greensboro Feb. 9-13, the Blue Unit here in Raleigh Feb. 9-13, and the Gold Unit in Fayetteville Feb. 10-13!

Which one do you want to see?!?

Down the Road by Jim said...

You forgot to mention the Packers at the super bowl ---- isn't anybody going there ????

Hal Guyon said...

Bob, It was a Great Weekend wasn`t it ? A good time Friday night her at the house and two circuses on Saturday. Glad all of you that came enjoyed it! It was a pleasure for Kathy & I to have you all as our guests ! Can`t wait til next year !

Hal Guyon said...

Jim, You`re the Milwalkee Guy, are you going are is that too far south for you ? Got snow in Dallas too, so you would feel right at home !