Sunday, November 13, 2011

More CWM Flatcars

A question was asked below if this is all of the CWM flats or were there more? There are more. None of these have ever been used at the CWM. They bought 6 Thrall flats from Royal American Shows that originally came off of the RBBB show. Two were re-furbished and put into service. The remaining four still stand on a track beside the Car shops.

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Anonymous said...

Just finished reading the current "Bandwagon" sorry Dave, I read Lane's Cristianni article first, before I read your article about the greatest animal trainer/presenter of all time.

I always liked the blue and yellow posters the RBB&B show printed, although I don't have any of Clyde. Mine are just titles.

Fred, another great issue!!!

Bob Kitto