Saturday, November 12, 2011

The CWM Flatcars

I worked on this compilation for a long time. There are obviously lots of records that couldn't be shared on this blog.

I first started my research in the obvious location, the Circus World Museum. I got a copy of all the records in the CWM files that I could. Included in those files were some historical information regarding the flatcars background. Knowing that Fred Dahlinger worked there for many years and that he is a consummate historian, I asked Fred if he provided the backgrounds.

He replied "During Bob Parkinson's tenure he created some basic lists for insurance purposes and also compiled limited information sheets [blue mimeograph]. He also maintained most, but not all, of the acquisition information for the cars.

I took the available information, augmented it with a lot of additional research, had some limited assistance from Jim Caldwell, and others, and evolved the detailed provenances that have served as the basis of your work. These were incorporated into a year 2000 collections report enumeration to the CWM board, along with a narrative about the railroad car collection. This work has subsequently been altered and issued by others."

I took the old World of Mirth information and added it to this history. I then created everything about the cars after the were acquired by the CWM. I also added several tidbits such as the Cetlin and Wilson acquisition from RBBB on several flatcars.

Obviously, several photos are still needed to give a full coverage of every flatcar over the years. Hopefully it has been of some enjoyment to all of you out there.


Hal Guyon said...

Thanks Bob, What a great job you`re doing !!!


Yes, THANKS Bob!

Chris Grieder said...

Thanks Bob, For those of us who have worked on these cars as members of the train crew it is wonderful information to have and add to our files.

Thank You
Chris Grieder

Anonymous said...

Great info!
Have other cars been scrapped, or is this list complete?
I wonder if their are any Keith cars in existence.
By the way, Strates still uses a Warren car on their train!

Anonymous said...

The last Keith cars were scrapped by Strates a couple decades ago.


The Warren car used by Strates is the former run car of the Olson Shows.