Monday, November 07, 2011

Flatcar # 51

The History of Flatcar # 51

This flatcar is a 70 ft. flatcar similar to a Mt. Vernon design. It was purchased from World of Mirth Shows on September 21, 1964 by the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. While on the World of Mirth Shows it was numbered # 81.
The actual origin of the car is only speculation. It is believed to have been built in the 1921 to 1927 time frame. The actual manufacturer is unknown. Fred Dahlinger has indicated that this was made of a different steel supplier and different dimensions than those of the Mt. Vernon variety thereby indicating a different manufacturer than the Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company.
The original owners are unknown also. The car was on the World of Mirth Shows for many years but it is not clear as to when World of Mirth acquired it.
Upon its arrival at the Circus World Museum, the car was refurbished and re-painted a Dark Orange car with Black lettering titled Christy Bros. Big 5 Ring Wild Animal Show on both sides of the car. This was a run car used during the loading and unloading. This paint scheme was used from 1965 until 1996.
In 1997, the car was re-painted Orange with White Letters and a Red Outline titled Hagenbeck Wallace Circus on both sides. The car was still used as a run car for loading and unloading through the final parade in 2003.
As of September 2007, the car was resting on a siding beside the Train sheds located just west of the Circus World Museum.

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