Friday, November 11, 2011

Flatcar # 3

The History of Flatcar # 3

This flatcar is a 70 ft. Warren design flat. The car design uses the under belly truss design of the very early Warren Tank Car Co. manufacturing. It was placed on loan to the Circus World Museum from the Royal American Shows on April 27, 1971.
The actual origin of the car is only speculation. Built by the Warren Tank Car Co. sometime between 1920 and 1927, this flatcar was one of many that Royal American Shows bought from the defunct Cetlin and Wilson Shows in 1968 when the show went broke in Savannah, Ga. Royal American’s loan to the Circus World Museum stated these cars had a Ringling background.
On Jan. 15, 1952, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows, Inc. daily ledgers now housed at the Circus World Museum Research Library detail the sale of three flatcars numbered 125, 132, & 137 to Cetlin & Wilson Shows. The Billboard reported in the February 2, 1952 issue that Cetlin & Wilson had bought five RBBB flats and they had already been shipped to Petersburg, Va. winter quarters for Cetlin and Wilson. It is also known that Ringling did indeed have 70’ Warrens as a couple exist at the Circus World Museum now.
Upon it’s acquisition for the Circus Train, the car was unused until the train was resurrected again in 1985. The flatcar was refurbished and repainted Silver with Blue letters and used an Orange Shading. It was titled Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and lettered the same on both sides of the car.
In 1997, the car was repainted and re-lettered again. This time the car was a Chrome Aluminum car with Bright Red letters and a Emerald green Shading that was titled Robbins Bros. 3 Ring Circus with Hoot Gibson The Screen’s Most Popular Star on both sides of the car.
This car was used every year from 1985 until 2002. It did not travel in 2003.
As of Sept. 2007, it was still on a siding at the Train Sheds.

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