Saturday, May 14, 2011


Letterheads of the many circuses are something I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years. Occassionally, one will have a printer's mark in it but for the most part, they are all unmarked as to who produced them.

They were meant to be informative first and then they started becoming works of art. With Brilliant shades of Reds, Blues, and Golds, they captivated the imagination as soon as one laid their eyes upon them. Some shows had one or two letterheads and that was all they ever used while shows like Ringling came up with a new design just about yearly.

The ones posted here today are what I call a clip. They are the artwork part of the paper and someone has cut off all the remaining paper.

I also want to apologize to a few of you who sent in comments this week. When blogger went down this week and wouldn't let me post them, they became obsolete and now I get a message saying they no longer exist.


Hal Guyon said...

Bob, Don`t you have something more important to do today than post this on your blog. See you this afternoon, Remember, There`s still time brother !

Anonymous said...

Having worked in the family print shop for eight years as a youngster, I never saw a letterhead or an envelope with the printers name on it and we printed a lot of them. We also printed business cards for several RBB&B agents over the years.

Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes to your bride.

Bob Kitto

Bob Cline said...

I have a Ringling Bros. letterhead with the Courier name on it. I found that looking for a friend trying to answer a question.

I haven't begun to look at the other 700+ letterheads.

Wade G. Burck said...

Great collection of letterheads. Thank you for sharing.