Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Circus Kirk

Hey Jim, how's this for good notes? This photo was taken in Indiana, PA. on August 3, 1974.


Down the Road by Jim said...

Now you've got it Bob ---- just make up some date and place ---- nobody will call you on it ---- it sure makes blogging go much faster ----- or is that really the date and place ?? You actually had time to mark some pictures ????? Fine -- now we'll all have to strive for accuracy and truthfulness ---- I don't know how that will work on the blog after all these years of -- well , never mind ----

Wade G. Burck said...

Come on. We finally get a tale knotted up just right so it seems plausible and you want to muck it all up with accuracy!!!!! Fact's bare no relevance in circus history, and as the great orator Bob Gibbs was quoted, "it's about the tale, not whether is can be verified or not." Fact.....
Wade Burck