Saturday, May 07, 2011

King Bros. Circus

I like the lettering on this truck. ( You can double click to enlarge it. )


Dick Dykes said...

Bob I beleive that lettering was done by Roger Boyd Sr.
I know that he did a lot of the lettering on all three shows.
Beatty-Cole, Sells & Gray and King Bros.

Whitey said...

Didn't Roger Boyd paint this show?

Bob Cline said...

I'm glad you guys chimed in because I was thinking along the lines of Bobby Rawls.


Bobby Rawls was later. It was Roger, Sr.

Richard said...

How about Henry Thomson. Side Show Manager. He painted too. That's his car and Trailer in the front. Had to be 72, 73. I was on the show the year Sid died. Over the road after Lake Placid. I see 2 elephants so it must be after that. Me, I'm Richard {Ricky} Smith. Asst. to Don "Okie" Carr at the time.