Monday, May 21, 2012

Cole Bros. Circus - Should be 1946

Jerry Cash was nice enough to let me know about this fairly recent video to be placed on You tube. The counter in the middle is a bit annoying but it is a great film. Pay close attention to the cookhouse dishes.


Down the Road by Jim said...

WOW ! Was that GREAT !!! Of course , 1950 was before my time , but it's nice to see what you old timers used to see ! But what was that fire truck business all about ?? Wait -- I know what fire trucks are for ( sheesh) , but what was that one doing on the lot , with all the firemen,en in ties and such ??? Back in those old days Bob , did you wear a necktie and such on your gigs ???

4pawfan said...

These were taken in 1946 in LA.
Sure the LA fire codes had changed after the 44' fire.
Notice the system flat in the cage cut that was used after the show's flat was damaged in Redding,Ca.
thanks Jerry for sharing the film with us.