Friday, May 11, 2012

Big News in Peru today.

This evening in the Miami County Museum, the Terrell Jacobs / Paul and Dorothy Kelly farm will be officially recognized as being placed on the National Register of Historic places with National significance.
Dorothy and Eddie will be there to recieve this presitigious certificate with Dorothy having her 100th birthday in October. The National Significance designation indicates how these buildings played a vital roll in the development of America and aren't just another old structure.

You may remember that the buildings were seriously vandalized a couple years ago when foolish individuals broke out a bunch of the windows. Volunteers did what they could to close them up before the winter weather set-in.

While working with the state and Partners in Preservation to get this secured, the property will now be eligible for grants to solidify the structures and preserve them for years to come. There is lots of planning, grant writing and fund raising to be done in the very near future.


John Herriott said...

I am surprised about the designation of this propertyhistorically. It was indeed Terrel Jacobs home and wntqtrs, Then the Cole circus had to find a place and Arthur Wirtz had mortgage on property and also owned the circus, so he foreclosed and moved the circus there. Over a short period of time the show was dismantled and ended up with Paul Kelly. After jACOBS THERE WAS NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE THAT HAPPENED THERE and it just kind of phased out. I can think of a number of places of circus importance and do not believe that to be one of them. Other than Happy 100th to Dorothy a very fine lady.

Wade G. Burck said...

John Milton,
There is something real wrong here. Hell must have actually frozen over, as I have to agree with you for the second time in 10 years. :) There are indeed a number of place's of more "historical" circus significance in need of preservation.

Wade Burck