Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pawnee Bill - 1906

This was a full page spread in Billboard on Nov.17, 1906 as found on page 23. Billboard carried a variety of shows in this format during 1906. This is the first of several I'll post over the next few days. The 1906 version of the Pawnee Bill show found it greatly enlarged with several Railroad cars, and wagons and in particular four elephants that had been on the Wm. P. Hall show the season before. Again, I have enhanced this on Adobe PhotoShop to increase the quality of the copy that is lost from the poor microfilm.


Dick Dykes said...

Way to Go Mr Cline! Nice Blog!
I'll be checking it out every day along with Buckles, Pat Cashin and Bill Strong's. Dick

Bob Cline said...

Hello Mr. Dykes,
I'm glad you enjoy it.