Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gentry Bros. Famous Shows

The Gentry Bros. began their operation in 1887 as Professor Gentry's Canine Paradox. In a couple years the show had grown to two seperate units called Professor Gentry's Famous Dog & Pony Show. There were four brothers, Henry B., Frank, Walter W., & J. W. Gentry. By 1899 all four had their own unit on the road with 5 rail cars in each show. They bought their first elephant in 1890 which broke it's leg being unloaded and was euthanized immediately. 8 years later they bought a baby elephant again and named it Pinto. Same thing happened again. In 1899 they again bought another Indian female elephant and named her Pinto again. This was the first performing elephant in the Gentry lot. The Brothers started getting out of the business after 1906. Only Walter and Henry remained in business until they sold out in 1916. The title continued many times after 1916 by various owners. This ad was from 1914.

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