Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July

In order to celebrate all the Huge, Huge Christmas in July sales going on now, I thought I should get out there and direct traffic to keep the crowds from running over the Red carpets and such.
This is allowable by Blog regulations 3.1.24 of the International Blog Rulers Association as pointed out to me by my mentor, like father like son figure and co-conspirator, Mr. Jim "Da Bagpipe Guy" Peterson who has graciously shown me all the technical, untechnical, and who's being technical aspects of this Blogdom Hoopla!
Which explains the stool in my front room that has Technical wrote on it so that when you sit down on it, you now have technical support! Thanks Jim!

1 comment:

Down the Road by Jim said...

About time --- I was really worried -- this blog was becoming so serious -- " A bagpiper walks into a bar , with his bagpipes under one arm , and a piece of asphalt under his other arm --- to the bartender he says ," I'll have a beer for meself and me pipes and one for the road !"