Friday, March 02, 2012

Stake Drivers

Note the swivelling turntable this unit is mounted on. This sure had to be hard on these old Mack trucks. This is from the Ringling / Barnum show in the 1940's.

I might be mistaken and I'm hoping someone will jump in here and give us the straight answer, but I THINK this is one of the two macks that still survives at the Circus Hall of Fame.


Hal Guyon said...

Don`t know about this one Bob, but I read that one of the Macks at CWM was never on a circus.

Bob Cline said...

Yeah, that's the white one. I'm preety sure it came from the City of Chicgo water dept or public works.

Bob Cline said...

From Steve Flint:

Of the 2 Mack trucks at CWM Baraboo, WI only the red 1926 Mack #132 has any circus history behind it. That truck was added to the show in 1936 with the enclosed box added from Pierce-Arrow #132 and replacing that truck. In 1941 the gas engine was replaced with a Cummins HB diesel. In 1945 the number was changed to #232. It kept the original box thru the 1950 season. It was NEVER a tank truck while on the circus. It was then sold to RAS who used it until 1958. It was then donated to CWM in Baraboo, WI.