Monday, March 26, 2012

RBBB in Baton Rouge Oct. 3, 1930

The Goliath wagon is written on here. I'm not familiar with the transportation of Goliath. I know its been discussed in the Bandwagons. I'm assuming there was some water tank usage somehow.


Chris Grieder said...

Bob, I believe this is the wagon he was paraded around the track in the big top. The sides were on it to protect and I am guessing to hide him from view to and from the train. Steve Flint I bet has the rest of the info on this one. Chris

4pawfan said...

This is wagon #151 with the sides on it. It appears they are pushing the wagon up to the stock car that Goliath rode in. The soild sides were in place so the public would not get to see the sea elephant for free. They were removed when they pulled the wagon around the big top during his display. When this went over to Sells-floto in 1932, it was only displayed in the menagerie as I have not seen any photos of it being pulled around the big top as it was on the Ringling show. This wagon was 18' long and was later rebuild into the Frigidaire Polar Bear display on Hagenbeck-Wallace. I have looked at the under gear and mud board many times and have wondered if it was perhaps made from a former cage wagon. It was later burned in Peru. Wagon #154 was the wagon used to carry the canvas water tank Goliath was kept in on the lot. It looks like a jack wagon with the front 1/3 made into a doghouse to house the water pump asby, with the back 2/3 as a flat bed to carry the folded tank. My records show that Terrel Jacobs got this wagon and it was 16' long. p.j.