Friday, March 09, 2012

Columbia Bandwagon

Taken in 2009 at the Milwaukee Parade, you can clearly see there is just the one main arch in the middle now.


John Herriott said...

I took tickets on the front door in 1950 and can still recall Eddie Mader [A Tavlin man from RBBB former pro heavywheight boxer who fought Tony Galenti in the Garden] sticking his head and upper body out the window signaling to us, "its OK," meaning that he got cash and to let them in without tickets. Nice little scam. Later I would see the wagon when at CWM Johnny CWM.Johnny

M. Holdzkom said...

Great group of photos, Bob. Thanks!

Wade G. Burck said...

Great stuff, thank you. I am starting to understand a little better the confusion over paint schemes sometimes. I didn't realize some changed color so often. I guess the color choice would depend on what show you were reproducing. I still think someone dropped the ball with the Arthur Bros. wagon, but, and that is a big but, if it was on Arthur Bros., and you had nothing from there is your collection and wanted it represented, possibly, and that again a big possibly, the horrible tiger is appropriate.