Sunday, March 04, 2012

RBBB Mack truck # 234 ( from Steve Flint )

This particular vehicle is a 1925 Mack AC4 purchased and put in use by RBBB in 1936. It replaced the Pierce-Arrow unit and received the number and the box that was on the old P-A. In 1942 the Mack 4 cylinder gas engine was replaced with a Cummins diesel and air assist brakes were also installed.

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4pawfan said...

I have always wondered what was carried in this truck as I have not seen a photo of it with the doors opened. But with the short wheelbase and the amount of springs that this truck had, it may have been ordered new as a wrecker as well? With the rear spring perch right at the end of the frame it could have carried a lot of weight. Did this truck maybe carry extra batteries, which the show was needing more and more of? Not only for all the trucks and tractors, but all the light plants too. The sleepers also carried small light plants as well that would need service. I am sure they would have purchased these in bulk instead of purchasing them one at a time. The rest of the inside of the truck, may have carried the 55 gal drums of oil and filters to service the fleet, plus extra fan belts,etc.?