Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Need some help!

This is obviously different. The carvings are similiar but different enough. All I know about this, is what is written on the card. Who built this one, Sullivan and Eagle? What happened to it?


Bob Cline said...

I received a quick email from Fred Dahlinger Jr. this morning saying this was made by the Bode Wagon Co. in Cincinnati who also made the Columbia above this photo and the United States Bandwagon below this photo.

He authored a great article in the Nov. / Dec. 1982 issue of the Bandwagon about the Bode Wagon Co. and covered these three wagons in that article.

Bob Cline said...

I received this today from Steve Flint.

The wagon on your blog (similar in appearance to the Columbia built for Forepaugh-Sells) is the Great Wallace Bandwagon. It bears a strong resemblance to the Columbia and the diminutive bandwagon (later on a truck chassis) used by Haag. The wagon was built by Bode in 1902 at a cost of $1750- for the (Ben) Great Wallace Circus. It was 22 feet in length and was usually drawn by a twelve horse hitch.

There must have been a couple of "engineering flaws" as it was later re-built by the Bode shops of Cincinnati, OH in 1904 at a $1200- additional cost. There is a photo in BWND-85 issue showing the wagon in its red painted body configuration.

For the 1915 season it was again refurbished by Bode and painted white.

The wagon was lost in a train wreck that took place in Ann Arbor, MI on May 28, 1917. There were at least three wagons destroyed in that wreck when a flat car section split apart and then smashed together again.

Bob Cline said...

Thanks guys!