Friday, March 02, 2012

Stake Drivers

This is a three headed stake driver on the 1938 Robbins Bros. Circus. It later was used on the Cole Bros. Circus.

I sure hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I THINK this is the one that survives at the International Circus Hall of Fame.

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Bob Cline said...

This is from Steve Flint:

The Cole Bros. stakedrivers is the second unit used by Cole Bros. built in 1937 and numbered #110. It was transferred for use on the 1938 Robbins Bros. (Adkins/Terrell second show). In 1940 it became the only stakedriver after the first (ex-101 Ranch unit) was burned in the Feb.20 WQ's fire in Rochester. For that season it had a generator unit mounted at the center, presumeably used for the train light plant for the load out at night. The wagon went thru a number of modifications over the used and was on the show thru the 1951 season. At that time it was stored at the Peru farm (now Kellys place) and remained there until 1996 when it was purchased at auction. It was then restored and is presently at the Circus Hall of Fame on the other side of town.