Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From David Reddy

I am sending this to as many circus & carnival fans as I can. Outdoor Amusement Business Assn. needs your help in contacting your U. S. House of Representative members & your U. S. Senators immediately about legislation intended to temper or stop the Department of Labor's rule that could make the use of foreign labor next to impossible. Please go to the following website: & @ the top click the message board category & then when the page comes up; click Amusement Industry Discussion & scan down to the topic of URGENT REQUEST FROM YOUR OABA & then read carefully. Please do what is requested of you as this is important for the major circuses, carnivals, as well as tourist resorts, amusement parks & the fishing industry in the Gulf in the U. S.

Thanks for helping,

David Reddy

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Spin said...

David Reddy,
Does this future legislation distinguish between illegal "foreign labor" or green carded "foreign labor"?

Your link doesn't seem to address this question.