Thursday, January 24, 2013


Apparently, I have been taken off of blogger time-out as this post allowed a photo to be uploaded. Noting the hard work between my electrical genuises, fellow snow shovelers and the smattering of friendly advice has no doubt had some effect on this tempermental device. Now it's time to go to bed. Good Night!


Hal Guyon said...

Now you`ll probably get knocked out by the impending ice storm we`re going to have here in South Carolina today !!

Down the Road by Jim said...

I always thought it was always warm , and balmy down there , and you guys just sat around on your porches after supper , and drank Hooch ! " Ice Storm ? "???????

Hal Guyon said...

Jim, Even in ice storms we still sit around and drink Hooch after supper, just not on the porch !!!!!