Sunday, January 20, 2013


Dear Friends,
      It appears that I have now ran aground in the Blogging Dept. I now have my regular computer back but still cannot upload any photos. Sound familiar????? Jim Peterson, you know anything about this stuff?

Not amused!

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Down the Road by Jim said...

Yes, yes ---- happens all the time--- First off you'll need 4 goats , a can of lighter fluid , a small pit-like area , that the goats can be stacked into , chicken bones , owl feathers , cooking sherry ( a case) ,a full moon , --- oh yes , and a cape -- I would guess you already have a cape ----- chicken Mc nuggets are helpful , but not necessary ---- probably don't want to be close to neighboring homes when you do this ---- I'm surprized you didn't see this all on page 74 , chapt. 8 of The Blogger's Handbook !!