Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A very young Clyde Beatty - 1928

Where are our Beatty experts? Does this look like 1928 to you?


Ole Whitey said...

Bob: I sent this in once and it never showed up- I think these might be Pete Mardo's circa 1928 shots.

Dick Flint said...

These are Pete Mardo's photos but not made from his original negatives as they crop some off of all sides, one clue that someone has copied them, a practice that was frequent by certain fan/dealers in years past. Mardo offered a set of 20 in his Beatty act set but I have only 15 original prints made by him. They were taken on H-W in 1928. Mardo was a clown who took hundreds of excellent photos of shows he was on in the 1920s.
Dick Flint

Bob Cline said...

I wondered about these as they are ina Hagenbeck-Wallace photo album I have with lot's of Pete Mardo photos but these three weren't stamped with the mardo stamp on back.