Friday, January 27, 2012

Odd Lot #5

This is about 1915 and other than an Uncle Tom's Show, there isn't anything else labeled on it.


Bob Cline said...

Fred Dahlinger Jr. wrote to me this morning and mentioned this wagon spent some time on the Sparks Circus.

Bob Cline said...

In reading Fred's articxle about Charles Sparks and his circus wagons as found in the Bandwagon's May/June 2007 issue on page 5, this little wagon was on the Saprks Circus in the early 1900's, then went to Thomas Finn's Great Eastern Circus and then to Finn's Uncle Tom's show ( pictured here ) then passed on to Coop and Lent as seen in Fred's article.

The wagon was built by Sullivan and Eagle in Peru, Indiana.