Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cole Bros. Circus - 1946


Bob Cline said...

I couldn't help but notice that the flat isn't even lettered. That's odd! The wagons look like fresh paint on the flat also.

Hal Guyon said...

A lot of times the shows would paint & letter the equipment while on the road. I remember back in the early 60`s a circus playing here in Columbia in April was doing lettering on their trucks, can`t remember if it was Beatty Cole or maybe Christiani Bros or another show. Anyway, this may be the case here although this date is already in June. The first two wagons behind the cat are generators.

Anonymous said...

It took a while for the plants to turn around and start making products for use by the public after WWII. Everyone made war products and you couldn't just walk in and buy products at the store. I remember my grandparents talking about what a big deal it was that they would start building new cars again in 46'. So it may have been the case of the show just being able to purchase paint. There would have been a hugh demand for paint after the war.