Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peru, Indiana Winter Quarters

The wood has all been stripped off of the flats and stocks for scrap metal.


Anonymous said...

I have wondered about this photo as these cars have been sitting in this one spot for a long time. Paint and primer is completely gone from the flats and you have weeds growing in the crossmembers of the cars from the roadbed.
These car shops are in town and I bet someone borrowed the oak flooring for fencing or firewood.

Anonymous said...

The flats are Keith cars, from Sells-Floto, which hadn't rolled since 1932. This photo might be five or six years later. There were a couple fires at the North Peru car shops, they may also have claimed some of the wood, certainly some of the cars that were parked inside them. Given the times, unless midnight requisitioning was taking place, the RBBB org surely accounted for every stick of timber in their possession. The Gump wasn't about to give away a nickel.