Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peru, Indiana Winter Quarters

Al G. Barnes & Sells-Floto flats sitting in Peru.

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Anonymous said...

These flats(5 flats and a sleeper) had been sent here in 1938 with the Barnes bip top and other equipment and are in pretty good shape. They had not been out in the weather for 8 or 10 years. One of these may have gone with the equipment sold to Cole after the 1940 fire. Cole purchased the 2 Barnes canvas wagons and the John Robinson hippo den and the Sells-Floto seal den. Also maybe a few of them were used when the 4 Hagenbeck Wallace cage wagons for Terrel Jacob's animals are shipped to Sarasota along with the Two Jesters,the Harp and Jesters,the Ringling Bell wagon,and of course the Five Grace Bandwagon. Later in 1944 on regular railway flats would go the Lion and Gladiator, the Elephant Tab,Lion's Bride and a Barnes light plant. Had all the Barnes flat cars been used and thats why regular flats are used?
Or did some of them go to the Conklin Shows when they purchased some of the stock cars?