Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cards


Down the Road by Jim said...

Ya know , I can't remember -- ever -- seeing Santa and company at the lakefront show grounds --- could this be one of those "Doctored " pictures I've heard about ?? The things you can do with floto-show (Is that what it's called ?) MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Bob Cline said...

WHAT? "Doctored"? Nobody in the blogging business uses a doctored photo that I know of. Let me make this perfectly clear. I do not use floto-shop to doctor an image.

In the case of this particular Christmas card, obviously someone from way up high snapped this photo at night. Certainly Santa and his reindeer would not be seen by mere mortals.


Santa did ask me to tell you he tore his coat on the old antannae at your house last year!