Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Circus Historical Society

Several of us were corresponding the other day and realized that some people visiting my blog or even my Circus Store ( http://www.thecircusworld.com ) might not know about the Circus Historical Society, Inc. We are an International Organization with about 750 members at present. I am the current Secretary for the Organization. We have a website that is updated daily at http://circushistory.org The site is full of information from Routes to Rosters and now has our first video placed on there about the colossal Poster Display at the Big "E" a few weeks ago. I covered a lot of the convention on this blog a couple weeks back.
The Circus Historical Society issues their journal the Bandwagon, six times a year. It is the ONLY Circus Publication that carries a complete review of all shows on the road the previous year. We offer many different articles pertaining to circus history from the wagon show days, rail road shows and the truck shows to the new venues on the road. We offer the chance to join us at the Annual Convention each year to hear two days of Circus Presentations by some of the leading Historians in this country. We enjoy a great Circus Auction, a Banquet with a keynote Speaker, and a Circus related event. Next year's convention will be held in Milwaukee where we will coincide with the Great Circus Parade on July 12th.
Anyone seeking more information may contact me ( Bob Cline - Secretary ) directly at fivetiger@marlboroelectric.net or go to the Circus Historical Society website again at http://circushistory.org . You can find an application online to join us.

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