Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eddie Kelly

I received word from Jim Elliott the other day that Eddie Kelly had passed away. Eddie as many of you remember was the quite behind the scenes kind of guy around the Kelly farm with his mom and dad performing the animals. Eddie was always a kind soul whenever I visited and they always hated to see us leave.

Just this past summer, the CHS Convention was held in Peru. We were told that Eddie was in a facility. The original CHS visit to the Kelly farm had been cancelled after Dorothy passed away at the age of 100 in December. Since that time, someone had been stealing everything they could get their hands on out of the barns. They were actually arrested while the CHS Convention was there.

I've since heard that the buildings have deteriorated to the point that the elephant barn has had the roof cave in. This seems to point to the end of a long line of circus history at the Kelly farm.

I posted what I could find abount Eddie in the next post.

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