Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My fellow bloggers, associates of mayhem and fellow hysterical people, please note that the HINDU bagpiper on the far right is neither Hindu nor player thus making him the great FAKIR.

This negative was one of eight Gentry Patterson images found in the Conover negatives and Photographic collection.


John Herriott said...

As previously mentioned, Carl Sedymayer jr. [Royal American Carnival] told me at a party that his father Carl Sr. was bthe side show mgr on Gentry-Patterson. johnny

Down the Road by Jim said...

From a historical point of view , I believe everyone knows that bagpipes are considered a " Chick Magnet" in India ( and other global villages). Thusly , many Indian Males strut around in bars , at malls , going to graduation partys , various religious services , and so many other places , carrying a set of bagpipes , just to impress the babes , and perhaps get a date , even if they have no musical knowledge of the instrument .I also believe that this type of deception is is beginning to catch on in other lands , globely ! Oh for shame ! For example , early reports from Cheraw , S.C. describe " Crazy Bob's Bagpipe Emporium " as taking many banjos in on trade for inexpensive ( CHEAP) bagpipes sets , so that several more bagpipe bands will be able to march in the upcoming 4th of July parade in Cheraw! FACT ! But I digress .