Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Conover Collection

You've heard about and you may have seen some of it before!

The Richard and Albert Conover Photographic Collection!

The Circus Historical Society, Inc. has been given the Richard and Albert Conover collection to preserve digitally, and to share with the world again. Al Conover had a sales list with over 100 pages offering sets of photos from the Conovers, Dyer Reynolds, Wm. Koford, Marion Organ, Col. Sturdevent, Harry Simpson, Kenneth Whipple, George Graf, George Hubler, Robert Danner and others.

I'll be offering many of these sets for sale again as photographic prints. They haven't been available to the Public in nearly 20 years. You can fine them on my website at I can offer you the best price there. I have them starting to list on eBay but the price will be higher to offset the eBay fees. I'll also be placing ads in the Circus magazines in the very near future.

EVERY set that is sold is equally split between the Conover family and the Circus Historical Society. I won't keep a cent of these sales.

I'll be steadily adding sets on my website so check back often.

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