Monday, November 12, 2012

Pre-Christmas Special

I am offering you a great opportunity to find a Christmas present that won't be found anywhere else for the circus enthusiast in your family. I have been digitizing Photo albums that have been collected for nearly 60 years. This Christmas Special offer is for Seven different CDs that cover the Great Wallace Shows and mostly the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus with a little bit of the John Robinson's 10 Big Shows tossed in with over 1700 images for your historical and model building pleasures.

There are photos from numeroues collections such as P.M. McClintock, Richard Conover, Chappie Fox, Pete Mardo, Joe Heiser, Jr. Scaperlanda Bros., Russ Warren, Walker Morris, the Melvin collection, Hugh McGill, Gordon Borders, Tom Duncan and others. Some are duplicated from a small photo to an enlargement, a few are billing stands and a few are posters. You certainly won't be disappointed.

The Special will only cost $125.00 plus shipping. That works out to a little over 7 cents an image. You can enlarge these, use Adobe Photoshop programs to crop, colorize, contrast, etc. print any of them at home or at a photo Lab and see details you won't see in a magazine. Go to my website at

For every set purchased, I'll donate 35% to the Circus Historical Society, Inc. to help preserve the publication of the greatest Circus Historical Journal in America, the Bandwagon.

Have a great time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

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Hal Guyon said...

Bob, People don`t realize what a deal this is. Pictures on ebay are going for a much as $5.00 each. If you`re a circus history lover you gotta have these !!