Friday, October 12, 2012


Here are the two Ringling / Barnum units as seen on the train in 1952. I wonder where the dumping stations were back then?


Hal Guyon said...

This is the first time I`ve ever seen a picture of these with a semi truck pulling them !!! I never knew that this was done, always thought they had fifth wheels on them.

Dom Yodice said...

This was only done in 1952, the first year for the donnikers.
Starting in 1953 the under gear in front was changed to the regular Ringling style with the fold up tongue. The men's room was the only one of the two wagons with a rear hitch.
This way they only needed one driver to pull both wagons.
Bob, Ringling in those days had a sanitation truck that was probably used to clean out the donnikers.

Bob K said...

They dumped into a honey truck and took it to the nearest storm sewer.
Certainly a no-no today.