Monday, December 13, 2010

Beauty Tab

These are Jerry Cash's photos. I never realized until just now that the statue carvings are different on each side. Look at the arms on front middle and back statues on each side.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the history of the two center carved statues on this wagon? What wagon did they come from and what year? Was this wagon shipped to Calif. this way or were the center statues added when they were on the west coast?

Bob Cline said...

I don't know the details and I would like to know the story better myself. I do have one photo of this wagon on the Ken Maynard Circus and Wild West in 1936 and the center carvings were in place then.

Anonymous said...

Christy bought parade stuff out of the RBBB quarters in Bridgeport, CT. The origin of the vehicles there was largely Ringling, B&L/B&B and Sells/Forepaugh-Sells for the most part, and predecessors to those shows. For the Beauty images, look at Forepaugh-Sells and B&B stuff.

Christy created the Beauty tableau as it exists today in the mid-1920s. It rolled on his shows in that format, then went to Maynard and eventually Dave Bradley and Disney. One of the posted photos documents it with Christy before the center images were added.