Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Hemispheres Bandwagon

When Barnum and Bailey decided to return from their European tour they envisioned being better than they already were and placed a whopping order for new parade vessels with the Sebastian Wagon Co. in New York. Here are a few notes on the subject:

Sebastian built the eight tableau cars ( Funny Folks, Golden Age of Chivalry, Egypt, Our Country, Fairy Tales, Phonecian Galley, Siam and Balkis ) plus 6 chariots for Barnum and Bailey in 1902 – Jan. 4, 1902 Minutes of the Barnum & Bailey Directors Meeting as told in the Affairs of James A. Bailey, by Richard E. Conover, page 8.

The 1901-1902 Barnum and Bailey ledger shows the “Parade Chariots” as having a $5000.00 payment on the signing of the contract, $5000.00 to be paid during May 1902. Both of these are logged in on April 27, 1902. The next $10,000.00 was due as work was in progress, with the final $20,000.00 due upon completion. The total for the twelve tableaus and six racing chariots being $40,000.00 The Two Hemispheres Bandwagon was an additional $4,200.00. - see Bandwagon, The Golden Age of Chivalry, Fred Dahlinger, Jr., March / April 1997, page 26.

This 1903 poster is part of the Tibbals collection at the John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art.


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