Sunday, August 26, 2012

OHIO's new law

From the Associated Press
Columbus, Ohio.

     Ohio officials want to build a state facility to temporarily house exotic animals seized under a new law that will soon take effect.

     A spokeswoman for the state's Department of Agriculture tells The Associated Press that the structure would contain dozens of cages for confiscated creatures, potentially ranging from snakes to bears.
     Erica Pitchford said Thursday the facility would be built at the agency's rural campus in Reynoldsburg, just outside of Columbus.
     A legislative committee would have to approve the building's funds. A price tag is still being calculated.
     A law that takes effect on Sept. 3 will restrict ownership and immediately ban people from buying new dangerous exotic animals.
     Efforts to regulate dangerous wildlife took on new urgency last fall, when a suicidal owner released dozens of exotic animals.

Perhaps I'm missing something but if you have a law going into effect on Sept. 3rd, don't you think the facility should have already been built?

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so true!! That OH for you. Thinking after it done.