Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gordon Taylor

I received an email from our good friend and colleague, Richard J. Reynolds III yesterday who informed us of the passing of Gordon Taylor on Saturday August 11th. Gordon was 77 years old. Many of you may remember that Ray Gronso and Gordon had just been to Baraboo for the CHS Convention. Gordon was delighted to see so many of his friends again be they old or new acquaintances.

Gordon did not want a funeral. He has been cremated and the ashes will be interred in Washington, Wilkes County, GA over near Augusta. Gordon has relatives buried there. He preferred that to New York where his parents are buried, though they lived in Asheville, NC when Gordon was growing up.

So, at some point in the future, Ray will hold a ceremony of Gordon's life at his house. I gather that will be several months away.

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john goodall said...

It was nice seeing Gordon at the Circus Historical Society with Ray Gronso in Baraboo. Gordon had a smile on his face as he greeted old friends. It must have been difficult for him but he didn't give in.