Saturday, June 25, 2011

Circus Historical Society

We are already having people ask us what Hotel to reserve their rooms at, what the dates are, etc. for the CHS Convention in Baraboo next year. A Planning Committee met in Baraboo yesterday to finalize some details. We should be able to start giving you specifics in about a week.


johnny said...

We recently lost Fred [the book] Ffening but are blessed that Bob Cline has stepped forward to fill the gap and spending the time in really bringing his knowledge and enthusiasim for our enjoyment. Being a member of CHS is a very rewarding and pleasant experience. A great group of people to be associated with from Rick on down. Thanks Bob and please keep up the good work. Your letters are a great extea benefit. Thanks, John herriott. Wish my dad were alive to enjoy all this history that we were aware of.

Bob Cline said...

Thank you Mr. Herriott.