Saturday, June 11, 2011

CHS Convention in Cincinnati

There were lots of heavy thunderstorms here yesterday. Hail, heavy rains thunder and lightning. Needless to say, the Wireless Internet connection was lost so I'm a day behind.

Friday started out with Kristin Spangenberg and Debbie Walk talking about the creation of the Poster Exhibit, the grant writing, the selection process, the approval and the building of the exhibit.

They were then followed by two local gentlemen, one who had worked at Strobridge and another gentleman that allowed us to produce our own CHS Lithography stone that he will print for all of us.


farmerstan said...

Sorry we aren't there< but very glad you are keeping us informed on the going ons.
Ron Erday

farmerstan said...

Sad we aren't there, but glad you are keeping us informed of whats going on.
ron erday

Bob Cline said...

Ron, we had a great time. So sorry you couldn't make it but hope you are well on the way to getting this all past you again.
Take care,